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Photo of three girls shopping in bikinis has gone viral (1 Images)

 Photo of three girls shopping in bikinis with Ankle Monitor has gone viral  When i saw this picture, at first i thought its a normal picture of 3 girls shopping in Bikinis at newsagent shop.A user named  JarJarDrinks Posted this photo 3 days ago with a caption “Nothing adds to your summer look like a court ordered […]

Weird Jobs That Pay Insanely High Salaries (7 Images)

Weird Jobs With High Salaries Ok now, we all are raised up while constant listening to this that we have to study well, get good grades, engage in curricular activities, so that ultimately we can get a good job, get highly paid and live a lavish and comfortable lifestyle. The whole concept is not at all […]

This is how 21 Countries Photoshoped her Picture to make Her Beautiful (9 Images)

This is how Different Countries Photoshoped her Picture to make Her Beautiful It is true that our society do have very high, almost unrealistic standards to meet. But do you know that every different culture in the world has its different and most unique beauty standards. To learn more about this theory, a journalist named Esther […]

10 Struggles Only Girls With Big Thighs Understand (6 Images)

Problems Only Girls With Big Thighs Understand Tall and smart girl, shiny skin, slim figure, waxed body and a contoured face, too much of the unrealistic appearance standards girls have to meet up to get an approval from society. With these next-to-impossible standards to meet, just think about those unlucky ones who have big thighs. Can’t […]