Ciera Swaringen with rare Giant Congenital Melanocytic Nevus Birthmarks (5 Images)


Ciera Swaringen born with congenital melanocytic nevus Birthmarks

Ciera Swaringen was born with a rare congenital melanocytic nevus birthmark. She was bullied many times by her classmates and called spotty dog. But she has embraced all of her birthmarks which cover almost all of her body.During our course of lives, we encounter many people who are different from the rest, in one way or the other. Some might be handicap in some way, while others may walk perfectly, but have a different skin tone. Some are those, who suffer through rare medical conditions, and their sufferings are only worsened by the mistreatment of the society. Quite similar is the story of this young girl named Ceira Swaringen . What makes Ciera Swaringen different is the way she accepted her medical conditions and didn’t let it get into her way of success. Her whole body is covered with congenital melanocytic nevus moles and she is proud to be different from other girls of her age.

From the very birth of hers, Ciera Swaringen was diagnosed with Giant congenital melanocytic nevus . This is an extremely rare dermatological condition. Among all the infants worldwide, it occurs only in 1%. Born at the Stanley Memorial Hospital, in Albemarle town of North Carolina, she shocked the doctors and nurses, along with her parents. When doctors at Stanley Memorial couldn’t understand her condition, she was taken to Carolinas Medical Center.Here, the doctors carefully analyzed Ciera Swaringen’s birthmarks and finally diagnosed her of a congenital dermatological condition. However, a plus point was that these moles were benign, and were potentially harmless. Ciera Swaringen has 3 elder sisters.

ciera swaringen birthmarks

What congenital melanocytic nevus is ?

Basically, the congenital melanocytic nevus is a type of mole. This is a genetic skin disorder, which occurs due to the irregularities of skin cells, and a pigment protein named as melanin. During the period of embryonic growth, skin cells develop irregularly, and the colour pigment becomes intense in its brown color, resulting in appearance of mole like, dark colored birthmarks. These birthmarks all around head and neck, but can also appear on other parts of the body. These moles are usually larger than other common moles, and may also have excessive hair. Moreover, these moles grow in size as the child grows, and at the maturity, these marks are thicker, more elevated, have a pronounced gritzy texture and may vary in color. Although surgical procedures can remove some of the smaller and less complicated moles and improve the appearance, however, it is not the option for larger moles. Moreover, treatments such as laser therapy may cause these moles to become malignant, causing the risk of cancer.


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