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How to Choose the right nail polish

Choosing the right nail polish can be crucial,  depending on the situation or occasion.You don’t want to go to a funeral wearing a bright and happy blue polish, and you wouldn’t want to go a summer beach party with plain tan nails! So here is a guide for picking the perfect polish for you!



If you will be attending a meeting or something professional/formal, you will probably prefer a nice neutral color. These colors include a pale pink/tan, beige, taupe, or light brown. These colors are very easy to pull of and look amazing on everyone. Also, even a french manicure would look amazing! They look especially nice with brown, beige, pink, and light neutral colored clothing. They don’t pop out at you and they don’t make it look like you don’t have any polish on. It’s perfect.During the summer or’s pretty common to have bright or neon polishes!


Bright pinks, blues, purples, oranges, and more really add to the warm vibes of the season. I personally wear a lot bright pinks and blues during the summer and it really ties summer outfits together. These colors really pop out at you and will make you stand out and are perfect for every summer party or beach bash!Sometimes there are those times where we cannot decide on a color and that’s okay. I have many times resorted to this choice. I would probably say that it’s my favorite to be honest. I love going with black.


Black matches anything you wear and makes you look more put together. Especially if you’re getting acrylic nails and will have to stick with a specific color for an extended period of time. Black looks nice in all seasons because, let’s be real, what clothes don’t look good with black?! If you want to switch up your nails for a night out, go for it! But what colors are going to look magical? I’ll tell you! Whether it be a girls night out, a night on the town, or    even a date, dark purples, navy blues, and burgundy    will look amazing and will be sure to catch an eye!Whether you go for a neutral, neon, dark, or black, your nails will look fabulous! Always make sure to paint them evenly and opaque, and dont forget a top coat for that perfect shine! Although this guides you to the perfect polish for your occasion, go with whatever you like, you do you. Even add a design to a nail or two if you really want. You will look and feel stunning and put together with your perfect nails! Have fun!




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