This is how 21 Countries Photoshoped her Picture to make Her Beautiful (9 Images)

This is how Different Countries Photoshoped her Picture to make Her Beautiful It is true that our society do have very high, almost unrealistic standards to meet. But do you know that every different culture in the world has its different and most unique beauty standards. To learn more about this theory, a journalist named Esther […]

Dog Who Turned To Stone Never Knew She Could Be Loved So Much (5 Images)

Dog Who Turned To Stone Caring for the poor, for the ones lower than you, and even animals is what makes Human beings different form animals. It is what marks the humanity. Sometimes, bringing someone back to life demands a lot of patience and tolerance, and everyone cannot prove to be caring enough. However, the […]

Signs you have found the Best one (8 Images)

During the whole course of our lives, we often develop a crush on someone. Sometimes we develop affectionate feelings for some temporary people, or the ones who are not meant to be with us. But how exactly someone can tell when he has found his perfect companion? It happens when one start noticing changes within […]

10 Struggles Only Girls With Big Thighs Understand (6 Images)

Problems Only Girls With Big Thighs Understand Tall and smart girl, shiny skin, slim figure, waxed body and a contoured face, too much of the unrealistic appearance standards girls have to meet up to get an approval from society. With these next-to-impossible standards to meet, just think about those unlucky ones who have big thighs. Can’t […]