What does your sleeping position say about your personality (5 Images)

Ah Sleeping………. If you are one of my kinds then you would love sleeping. Sleeping for hours and hours, sleeping in free time, sleeping every time. sleeping is actually a hobby. However it must be noted that everybody sleeps in a different way and you are probably not sleeping in the right way, so you […]

See what your feet type say about your personality (5 Images)

At least once in our lives, we all have wondered what does the lines on our hand signify. How can they possibly be related to our fate. Some of us have also consulted professional palmists for it. But has any of us ever wondered that what does our feet signify about yourselves? Surely never. But […]

9 Things Girls Do That’d Be Creepy If A Guy Did Them (5 Images)

Things Women Do That Would Be Creepy If A Man Did Them No matter for how long we debate about women being equal to men and vice versa, a few differences always exists. Women can get away with most of the phenomena, which if associated with men are extremely weird. Sounds familiar? I bet all […]

Woman Loses 800 Pounds And Now She Looks Incredible Hot (10 Images)

Marya Rosales world’s fattest Woman Loses 800 Pounds Marya Rosals was also called a half ton killer because once in 2008 her nephew was killed,and she confessed falsely that she has killed her nephew by rolling over him, just save her elder sister, who actually killed her son by rolling over him.Her sister was sentenced […]

You Can Never Imagine What Nails Can Tell About Your Health (6 Images)

Our personality and look depicts our nature,one can easily tell about your nature by your personality. Psychiatrist judge you by your personality , your appearance and your talking and walking style.Similarly our face and also our nails tells very much by our internal body conditions.The growth of our nails tells about the time of illness […]