Unbelievable power of Contour, and how women changes with it (8 Images)

We as a human love beautiful faces,we like to look beautiful and attractive all day and for this purpose we try almost every thing we can.Here in these pics the unbelievable work of makeup artist shows his awesome skills.People ask why do girls need makeup? I know girls are naturally beautiful and attractive but still […]

How girls acts on their periods (7 Images)

How girls acts on their periods You probably don’t even want to listen this word, Right? The most irritating this in a girl life is her periods.Periods starts once or twice in a month, and can start any time, whether you are sleeping or at School.The matter gets more irritating and difficult if its starts […]

She Deleted Her FB Profile After This Mistake (11 Images)

Facebook is a popular social network among girls. According to a survey conducted this year girls of all ages use Facebook more than 3 hours a day. Have you ever noticed when someone’s account gets disabled whom you just added a day or week before? It’s not that she might be using a Fake account […]