Photo of three girls shopping in bikinis has gone viral (1 Images)


 Photo of three girls shopping in bikinis with Ankle Monitor has gone viral 

When i saw this picture, at first i thought its a normal picture of 3 girls shopping in Bikinis at newsagent shop.A user named   Posted this photo 3 days ago with a caption “Nothing adds to your summer look like a court ordered ankle monitor” and suddenly this photo went viral on one of the most popular photos sharing website . The photo has received more than 130k Views  and 2,401 Points up till now.When you give a closer look to the photo you will notice that the girl in the middle is accessorized with an Ankle Monitor. Imgur users has showed mix reviews about this photo.Some of them praised the girl and some criticized her for being an offender.

Girls shopping in bikini

But no where from the photo it can be realized whether that girl is ashamed of showing the court ordered jewelry.When the court order people to wear Ankle Monitor, most of the people hide it under their jeans but this brave girl didn’t even bother to show it. Instead of sitting at one place she decided to enjoy the sunny day with her friends at the beach.The photo has received more than 100 comments and Some of the popular are…

Imgur user Kraken928 wrote,


imgur user Spookyactionman wrote,12

One of the funniest comment i went through was from Elbart, He wrote,13

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